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The top 10 Resources , offered to you by the Green Energy Handyman

HomeEnergy SavingsManual,  Make your own Solar Panels      and Cut  your Powerbills in half Solar Hotwater for You!

    Construct your own     Solar Hotwater System and Save the environment

Going green?Make your own greenhouse and Grow Organic Food!

Free Electricity !

Get it from your telephoneline which you  pay for anyway!

Make your bike electric !

And run like the wind! 50MPH

Make your car electric !And reduce gasoline expenses  Geothermal Heatpumps !

Your own installations  save  money!

 Discover the inventions !

And apply them yourself !


Fix up old batteries !

And use them for solarpanels !
 Clean in the Green Way !

And keep your family healty

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